Original gifts: what to choose?

It is pleasant to make gifts, it is even more pleasant to hear sincere words of gratitude and to observe how the face of the hero of the occasion lights up with a radiant smile. But the choice … this part of process often is the most difficult and tiresome. Sometimes so there is a wish to please relatives with something special and surprising. How to be? You should not panic, the choice of the original "gift" ideas is not so small, apparently, it is only necessary to show an ingenuity and to consider all nuances, for example, the status and preferences congratulated.




Delightful romanticism

You should not tell much about flowers, spirits, candies, soft toys and ties – these gifts are already in the lead and to surprise with them darling or darling really difficult. Realizing it, men sadly sigh with words: "I cannot get a star from the sky". To get is not present, and to present here – quite. And it is not a joke, today really there is an opportunity to buy a star and to call by her name of the loved one. It is necessary only to present the certificate confirming the fact of surprising acquisition, and the star chart with designation of the place where the personalized star will shine millions of years. It is a remarkable gift to any celebration, for example, on birthday, a wedding or anniversary, not everyone can boast of such "heavenly" property. By the way, men can be where big romantics therefore such gift will pleasantly surprise also men. And already it is time to begin to prepare for new year and again the problem — gifts appears. It is possible to solve it very simply.

Besides, very few people remember gifts impressions. Why not to present to the loved one a dance master class, walk on a horse or under sails, the certificate on joint visit of spa-procedures or a tea ceremony. Positive emotions are guaranteed.


Original functionality

If the man does not represent day without computer, it is possible to present it an original USB hub with heating for a cup. With the camera it will be pleasant to judges of travel of a circle thermos in the form of a lens, and the football fan will surely estimate an alarm clock with design of a soccerball. There is a weight more of surprising options: icetrays in the form of smiles, slippers hot-water bottles, the USB stick which looks as a traditional cork, a bright square umbrella, the book hiding place, the fist holder for pencils "telling" a photo album. Such unusual, but functional things will brighten up gray everyday life and will allow to show care.


Cheerfully and unusually

Creative gifts huge set: the magnetic calendars with the mood indicator coughing ashtrays, chewing moneyboxes, vacuum cleaners for the keyboard, surprises with effect of surprise and other amusing things. It is possible to choose anything, but having only convinced that at the colleague, the friend or the relative with sense of humour everything is all right, and the cool gift will be apprehended adequately and will not become a reason for offenses.


However, you should not forget about the main thing: the gift, how many attention is important not so much.